Homo sapiens lived in the North Pole 45,000 years ago

Homo sapiens lived in the North Pole 45,000 years ago

mammutRight, homo sapiens lived in the North Pole 45,000 years ago, before the ice age: they are called the Hyperboreans of Evola. The news is of Science magazine in its issue 351 of last 15th of January. The evidence is in the form of a mammoth carcass, frozen since a few thousand years, showing many signs of bullet wounds and tip cutting inflicted both pre and post-death, together with the remains of a hunted wolf placed in a separate location, of similar age. Both findings indicate that humans sapiens, capable of hunting and dissecting prey, could have walked across the Arctic Siberia at least ten thousand years earlier than previously thought.

The news is a scoop and corroborates the insights of the great traditionalist Julius Evola exposed in his “Revolt Against the Modern World“. It is in fact in the North Pole, that the writer places the country of the Hyperboreans that, according to the sacred geography of ancient traditions, “were the people who lived in the eternal light, whose region was the home of Delphic Apollo, pure, radiant, the Golden age god. ” “I strain – I quote from memory – a time and priestly gifts, like that of the Boreal, drew this dignity from this Apollonian land: solar cycle, cycle of light, these are the characteristics that presents the Golden Age, or the Age of the Gods “.

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