Extraterrestrial origin confirmed for Tutankhamon dagger!

Extraterrestrial origin confirmed for Tutankhamon dagger!

Tutankhamon-iron-daggerAn international team of researchers* found that the blade of the two dagger of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun dagger, dating of the XIV century BCE, is from extraterrestrial origin. The question has been debated since 1925 when the mummy was discovered by archaeologist Howard Carter, as the papirus were altready specifying that it was made of “iron from the sky”. The hypotesis, enthusiasming the “ancient astronaut” theory researched, has been confirmed thanks to an examination performed with the technique of X-ray fluorescence: practically, it was discovered that the iron blade of the dagger contains nickel (10%) and cobalt (0.6%) in concentrations typically observed in metallic meteorites. In addition, the manufacture of the blade with a gold handle worked and small embedded multicolored stones, confirms the high level already achieved in the iron working at the time of Tutankhamun.

This will certainly become one of the most precious discover for those who believe that the humanty has been visited in the past, and especially during the period of the egyptian pharao, by extraterrestrial.

*Politecnico di Milano, the university of Pisa, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the CNR, University of Fayoum, Politecnico di Torino and XGLab company

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