UK has authorized the manipulation of human embryos

UK has authorized the manipulation of human embryos

Scientists have been authorized to proceed searching and neutralizing DNA’s genes causing illness, with the objective to lower miscarriage. And generally to investigate how genes anomalies interfere in the normal life development.

Officially this is the second time this is happening in the world but, as many of you probably knows, many scholars of the bible have suggested this kind of manipulation is already described in the genesis. Whereas the objectives were to “accelerate” the development of the homo genus, leading to our current type species Homo sapiens… We won’t discuss this theory here as it is not the point but, since we are already acting directly on our own DNA, even considering all the ethical issues around it, there is certainly no reason why another species (think about the singular cro-magnon for instance) wouldn’t do this their “distant cousin”… what do you think?

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