Mario Pincherle, pyramid of Cheops and the Zed

Mario Pincherle, pyramid of Cheops and the Zed

The pyramid of Cheops, which consists of about 3 million of rough limestones, is nothing but the protection and shield of the Zed tower consisting of about two hundred monoliths of granite weighing up to 60 tons. The Zed was not built by the Egyptians, but belongs to the Atlantean civilization. Pincherle has reconstructed the method by which it was placed inside the pyramid of Cheops referring to the book “Stories” section 124, 127, 97 of Herodotus, through the method of the short woods and books of Enoch. When the tower will be built again, and the earth purified again, you’ll flowers and fruits, then I’ll come back, Lord of Life, and it will be my great splendor in the middle of the wonderful harmony in these days of rebirth. (To-Em-Ra, the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead – Cap. LXIV)

Source: Mario Pincherle, Piramide di cheope e lo zed

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