Egyptian Stone Plate

Egyptian Stone Plate

We don’t know the exact techniques used by the Egyptians to sculpt the stones so safely and perfectly. Probably, as scholars suggest, they had a lot of patience and a lot of time to sacrifice (as often also suggested for all ancient civilizations creations)…

bowlThe plates made of stone, in the photos, are ancient relics and show that, during the early dynastic period, the art of sculpture was already well developed. Bowls and stone dishes/platters, are some of the finest ever found. They are from the earliest period of ancient Egyptian civilization and, while working with soft stone such as alabaster is relatively simple (alabaster can be worked with primitive tools and abrasives), the elegant workings in granite are a different matter, and indicate not only a consummate level of skill, but a different and more advanced technology. The piece on the right is so flawlessly turned that the entire bowl (which about 9″ in diameter) balances perfectly. Which basically requires that the bowl is perfectly symmetrical without any substantial error! The base area is so tiny that any asymmetry in the material would produce a lean in the balance of the finished piece. Such a level pf perfection would surprise expert artisans, as doing such a piece in clay would be very impressive, but in granite it is absolutely incredible!


Source: Civiltà antiche e antichi misteri

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